ENERSOL is a concentrated suspension of humic, fulvic, ulmic acids and trace elements. It is a product with an acid pH (4-5) and also one that contained all the acids=humic, fulvic, ulmic, plus other beneficial elements (N, Cu, Zn) which are found in the source material. ENERSOL is suitable for soil (broadcast, band, drip) and foliar application. It can be used alone or mixed with a wide range of plant protection and plant nutrition products to optimize their performance.


  • ENERSOL is effective at very low rates.    
  • Is approved by the FiBL (Institute for organic agriculture in Frankfurt) for use on organically grown sugarbeets, potatoes, vines, vegetables and fruit. The FiBL approval is recognized by the EU Authorities in Brussels.    
  • Due to its acid pH it:
  • can be mixed in the same spray tank with other plant protection products and/or acid fertilizers.
  • is very effective in stimulating root development. In fact it stimulates root growth so well that some work is now being done to determine if nematode damage can be reduced if Enersol is used as a soil treatment.
  • helps the roots take up more easily, rapidly and completely important micronutrients like iron and manganese.
  • ENERSOL is added to the spray tank (with pesticides and/or foliar fertilizers) when the spray tank has an alkaline pH. End result=lower tank pH=better activity of the pesticide and quicker uptake of the foliar nutrients.
  • Applied to the soil it helps reduce salinity, favors microbial activity, increases the cation exchange of both macro and micro absorb.
  • Chelates elements (macro and micro) and promotes the conversion of them from being blocked into forms which the plants can easily absorb.
  • Contains ulmic acid—ulmic acids are known to stimulate and increase root growth. The high pH humic acids (that are extracted) do not contain ulmic acid! They only contain humic and fulvic acid.
  • Contains natural N, Cu, Zn—the extracted humics do not contain N, Cu and Zn!
  • Can be used as a foliar spray and also in drip irrigation systems either alone or in combination with other plant protection products and/or nutrients. It is acid pH makes it adaptable to either acid or alkaline spray solutions.
  • When used in combination with foliar fertilizers it promotes a rapid change in the color of the crop=crop "green up" much quicker since Enersol permits much quicker absorption of the applied nutrients.
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