Green Sand Products

ADDITROL® is a single-package additive, precisely engineered and blended to meet your green sand molding requirements.

ADDITROL® provides a consistent blended single-package addition to the muller with a minimum of handling, storage and inventory. Various blends are individually formulated and manufactured to provide foundries with improved green sand additive control. Additrol formulations can accommodate all green sand metal-casting facilities, regardless of molding equipment, production rate, metal type or casting configuration.

ADDITROL® is blended with the highest quality raw material at our blending plants conveniently located to ensure adequate supply and on-time delivery.


  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Accurately blended for individual applications
  • Simplified material handling and inventory
  • Single addition at muller minimizes process variables
  • Conveniently located blending plants
  • Variety of available raw materials to use for any application


  • VOLCLAY® Natural Sodium Bentonite
  • Activated Sodium Bentonite
  • Blended Volclay and Activated Sodium Bentonite
  • Seacoal
  • Starch
  • Etc
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