Foundry Sand

Hevi-Sand® is the only chromite sand brand that offers your business full life-cycle support from mine, to processing, worldwide logistics network, global technical support with expert foundry staff, and built-in quality controls to provide high quality castings, saving your business both time and money.


Hevi-Sand® is produced from high-grade foundry chromite which has been specially treated for use as a mould & core media in the production of quality castings. It is selectively mined from AMCOL’s own sources which are among the richest and purest deposits in the world, this naturally occurring chrome ore undergoes several intensive cleaning and screening processes to enhance moulding & casting properties-available in various grades. Some of its unique properties are listed below:

  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Wetability Resistance to molten steel
  • Basic to Neutral pH
  • High Melting Point
  • Broad Sieve Distribution

The combination of these properties generally results in a better surface finish and reduced likelihood of casting defects.

Please visit AMCOL Hevi-Sand website for more information.

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