Cements and Plasters

A small quantity of sodium bentonite added to each sack of cement increases the plasticity and improves the handling of the mixture, without reducing the set strength. As the amount of clay per sack is increased (up to 20%) more water is required for the cement mixture, making a “fat” mixture for filling large voids. In plasters, bentonite can add significantly to the adhesion properties of the base mix.


Bentonite and hectorite are used as a plasticizer for making ceramics. Small portions of Bentonite and hectorite clays are used to supplement other clays, and will create considerable improvement in the properties of ceramic bodies.


The extremely large surface area of hectorite - as much as twenty to forty times as much as other colloidal clay substances - allows for a much greater number of contact points between the larger grains of the aggregate and impart better mobility or higher bond strength to the mass, particularly in aluminous porcelains and technical ceramics.


Hectorites are non-migratory binders that impart uniformity in ceramic bodies and fire to a white finish.


Hectorite is used as a suspension agent for making porcelain and glazes. The excellent suspending and plasticizing properties of hectorite, together with its ability to fire white, is an excellent alternative to the customary clay additives in enamel formulations.


The high suspending power eliminated fish scaling due to lack of suspension and gives greater film strength to the enamel.


For substitutions by cations produce an excess of negative charges in the lattice, thereby bentonite takes on the function of adsorbing hydrated cations and moisture absorption. AMCOL use the advanced processing technology to dry the bentonite, fully acting the function of adsorbing hydrated cations and moisture absorption, to supply the natural high quality desiccant-DESIBENT®.

To be used in the moistureproof covering all the cargos of going moldy, deteroprate and rot affected with damp, it is especially used in military industries, precision instrument machinery, electric and metal products, pharmaceutical and foodstuff, leather, container and clothing etc.

Iron Ore Pellet

AMCOL’s taconite grade bentonite used in pelletizing of iron ore for the steel industry combines agglomeration and thermal treatment to convert the raw ore into pellets with characteristics appropriate for use in a blast furnace.

Paint & Coatings

Hectorite is used as a thickener for making paint and coatings. Hectorite makes an excellent thickener for water based paints and coatings because of its suspending and thickening properties with pigments and extenders. Excellent thixotropy for reducing sags and drips. Hectorites provide low shear viscosity and prevent settling.

Pet Product

AMCOL mines and produces the highest quality scoopable cat litter for the market. The scoopable litter, consisting mostly of the mineral sodium bentonite in its purest state, is sold in bulk granular form, as well as a finished packaged product to a wide array of retailers. The packaged products are marketed and sold through pet specialty stores as Premium Choice® cat litter, as well through mass and grocery chains under the retailers store brand label.


AMCOL is able to offer tremendous product quality and service as we are vertically integrated throughout all aspects of the business. We currently mine and manufacture the scoopable litter at many of our mining and manufacturing sites throughout the globe.


In the process of printing, some inks do not dry rapidly and cause blotting. A common cure for this problem is starch, held in suspension by a thin hectorite or white bentonite suspension.

Wine & Juice Clarification

KWK Food Grade and KWK Agglomerated are extensively used for the clarification and purification of organic liquids such as wines, fruit juices, raw sugar juices and others.


It functions by adsorption and flocculation of the proteins and other undesirable impurities. In addition, acid activated clays can be used in the purification of edible vegetable oils and other industrial oil applications.

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