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Modern applied bentonite technology can adapt to the changing needs of an evolving paper industry with proven microparticle system that provide superior fine-particle retention, increased drainage speed, and improved sheet formation. This is possible through superior raw material control and stringent production practices. Fundamental to bentonite’s value is the combination of high anionic charge, an electrical double layer in solution, a high surface area, and small particle size, making it a true colloidal micro-particle. So colloidal bentonite is very large surface area and anionic charge density can have a major influence on the ionic characteristic of the wet-end paper-making system.




Retention, Drainage, and Formation



  • White and brown grades
    Cost effective vs Competitive product
  • Provides optimum retention with a variety of natural or synthetic polymers
  • System expertise


Pitch and Stickies Control


  • Selectively mined for pitch/stickies control
  • Maximized surface area
  • Cost saving talc replacement 
  • Reduced handling and transportation cost





  • Processed and milled for enhanced performance
  • Minerals, fines and ink removal from deinking waste waters
  • Improve sludge dewatering


Water Treatment


  • Excellent solids removal
  • Cost effective pre-treatment
  • Non-hazardous product



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