AMCOL owns and operates more than 25 mining facilities strategically located worldwide. In the Asia Pacific, our mines are located in Queensland of Australia and Jianping of China respectively.


AMCOL Australia Pty Ltd owns and operates a sodium bentonite mine located near Miles, 370km North West of Brisbane, QLD.


Via a process of exploration drilling, extensive clay testing, sophisticated 3D modeling and then carefully planned, selective mining we are able to mine the high quality clays we require. Once the mining has been carried out, the topsoil is replaced and the land rehabilitated with minimum impact on the environment.


We have identified proven reserves of sodium bentonite to meet demand for the foreseeable future.


Once mined, the bentonite is sun dried, processed, and packaged on site. It is sold into a broad range of domestic and international markets that include exploration drilling, construction/civil, foundry, cat litter, stock feed, dam sealing, wine clarification plus other niche markets.


In China, AMCOL China owns and operates various bentonite mines located at Jianping of Liaoning province, where is best known to be the best quality calcium bentonite resource derived from China.

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